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Light Art Biennale Austria 2010


The first „Lightart Biennale Austria 2010“ is a non-commercial exhibition of lightart. There are light-artists as well as visual artists who uses light as an art-medium the first time.  The Biennale 2010 is using the slogan „private light in public spaces“.

The Lightart-Biennale Austria 2010 starts in autumn 2010 in Austria, consultant is Peet Thomsen (USA/Copenhagen/Linz) and the works are selected by a jury.

The start of the Biennale will be September 2nd in Linz (OÖ) and September 4th 2010 in Perchtoldsdorf (NÖ), with a final exhibition in Vienna in November 2010.  We inform the public by documentation of the Biennale within a Blog, a Website and there is planned to print a catalogue. The submissions can be watched on Selected artists and exhibition spaces can be seen on .

There are 50 artists from 4 continents and 15 countries selected.

  1. Aristi (GR)
  2. Eliska Bartek (CZ/CH/DE)
  3. Carlo Bernardini (IT)
  4. Juanli Carrión (ES)
  5. Stanley Casselman (USA)
  6. Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand)
  7. Fabrizio Corneli (IT)
  8. Jardin Cosmique (ES)
  9. Cratmosphere (UK)
  10. Titia Ex (NL)
  11. Heidulf Gerngross (AT)
  12. Silvia Gröbner (AT)
  13. Hideo Iwasaki (JP)
  14. Manfred Koutek (AT)
  15. Manfred Kielnhofer (AT)
  16. Ofri Lapid (DE)
  17. Thorbjørn Lausten (DK)
  18. Chrisoph Luckeneder (AT)
  19. Eric Michel (FR)
  20. Alexandre Murucci (BR)
  21. Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia (PH)
  22. Paradox Paul (DE)
  23. Rebecca Partridge (UK)
  24. João Raposo  (PT)
  25. Jaanika Peera
  26. Jason Peters (NY)
  27. Jason Peterson
  28. Suzi Poling, (USA)
  29. João Raposo  (PT)
  30. Rebecca Partridge (UK)
  31. John Routledge (UK)
  32. Martina Schettina (AT)
  33. Reto Schölly (DE)
  34. Phil Stearns (NY)
  35. Manabu Shimada (JP/UK)
  36. Stephanie Sixt
  37. “Nitram” Martin Stockinger (AT)
  38. Evros  = Evrensel Ürüm (TK)
  39. Rob Voerman (NL)
  40. Patrice Warrener (FR)
  41. Karina Wellmer-Schnell (DE)
  42. Richard Williams
  43. Mounty R. P. Zentara (AT)
  44. Kei-Seki (USA/SE), Juanli Carrión
  45. TWO PEOPLE ONE WORK  Karin Sulimma (A), Mounty R. P. Zentara (AT)
  46. Pomodoro Bolzano (= Max D. Well, Christian Wittkowsky, Andreas Müller und Detlef Thomas) (DE)



Vienna, Perchtoldsdorf
"24 Stunden Lichtkunst" - 4. September - artP.kunstverein Franz Josef Straße 1a A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf,

Linz / Light Art Biennale 2-11 September
Galerie Wuensch / Hideo Iwasaki - August /2-11 Sept. / outdoor Manfred Kielnhofer Juni-Dec.
City Galerie 2-11 Sept.
Artpark contemporary art 2.Sep.-30. Oct.

Galerie Claudiana 4-18.Nov.2010

AREA53 Nov. 2010


The Lightart-Biennale Austria will take place in 2012 again.

Organisation: Martina Schettina, Manfred Kielnhofer
Consultant: Peet Thomsen NY / Copenhagen
Curator: Laura Plana Gracia ES

“last call for artists”
Deadline is September 1st


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